CAS: 5680-79-5, glycine methyl ester salt

English name: Glycine methyl ester HC1; H-Gly-OMe · HClCAS Number:? 5680-79-5C3H7NO2 HC1 = 125.56 Level: BR Content: ≥98.0% Melting point: 168 ~ 172.0 ℃ impurity: ≤0.3% glycinate: ≤1.5 % trait: white needle crystal or crystalline powder. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol Use: Biochemical research. Preservation of pharmaceutical intermediates: RT

Pet Wipes

Pet Deodorizing Wipes, Pet Cleaning Wipes, Unscented Pet Wipes

Wipe away daily dirt and odor the easy way with Pet Wipes.Each wipe is pre-moistened with a gentle cleansing formula that helps maintain a clean and healthy pet coat while restoring skin moisture and softness.Use daily for quick cleanings, controlling pet odors, and wiping dirty paws.Veterinarian approved for daily use.Will not remove spot flea treatments.Non toxic. No alcohol.Packaged in convenient dispenser tub.

Wipe away daily dirt and odor the easy way with Pet Wipes
Veterinarian approved for daily use as dog or cat wipes
Will not remove spot flea treatments

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These wet wipes designed according to the characteristics of pet suitable for cats and dogs.No alcohol, mild nature, considerate take care of a pet , adding natural moisturizing and deodorization composition particularly.

It is suitable for the eyes, mouth, ears, feet and body wiped clean, good helper for daily household standby and clean out .

Pet Cleaning Wet Wipes
The wipes are also made with sustainable, earth-friendly materials. free from harsh chemicals &fragrances.
conditioning ingredients
Large, quilted wipes
Made with earth-friendly materials
Free from harsh chemicals and fragrances

Product Description

1, Fabric is disposable non-woven .

2, Mesh pattern , pearl pattern , animal pattern and plain pattern can be available .

3, 12*17cm , 14*19 cm , 14*20 cm , 15*20 cm , 16*20cm , 17 * 20 cm , etc .

4, Both stock and OEM products can be available .


1. Smooth surface,Super absorbent of water and other liquid.

2. Soft and comfortable feeling,safely used,no allergic reactions to pets'skin.

3. Can be used to clean pets's hair,claw.

4. Disposable products,clean and healthy.

Pet Wipes,Pet Care Wipes,Pet Cleaning Wipes,Pet Grooming Wet Wipes

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