Calculation of Hardcover Book Cover and Sealing Material Size

Hardcover books are a more elaborate form of binding in book publishing. Compared with paperback books, hardcover books have the advantages of sophisticated materials, strong binding, beautiful decoration, and long-term preservation. Classical works, hard-printed books, and frequently-read books are generally hardcovered. With the development of the publishing industry, there are more and more hardcover books. As editors, cover designers, and printers, there should be a certain understanding of the materials used in the covers and seals of hardcover books and their size calculations to avoid design inaccuracies that may affect the appearance of the books. At the time of economic loss and material waste.

Several common forms of hardcover book:

According to the form of spine, there are two kinds of square spine and round spine.

The square spine is thicker than the book block. The height of the spine is higher than that of the book block due to the folding and cable lines of the book block. The more printed sheets are, the more obvious it is. Therefore, the hardcover book of the square spine should not be too thick, and it is generally applied to the spine within 20 mm.

The circular spine, because of the slightly different position of the front and back books, the folded side of the book is slightly semicircular, distributed on a curved surface, and its thickness is balanced. The core of the book block is adapted to the convex shape of the spine and is concave in shape. So thicker books use better spine spines. The circular ridge book is a rounded shape after being rounded and rounded. Generally, the thickness of the book block is 130°. The ridge can be divided into two types: round back without ridges (only ridges can not afford ridges) and round back ridges (round ridges with raised ridges with the same thickness as the cardboard of the bookcase).

According to the material points, it can be divided into two kinds: the same material on the ridge and the different material on the ridge.

The same material as the spine, ie the spine and the back cover of the cover, is made of the same piece of material. There are two types of ridges and round ridges. Hardcover fabrics use paper, fabrics, paint paper, linoleum, etc., and are generally equipped with protective seals. However, there is a full-paper printed with a title, a pattern, etc., and a laminate film is pasted on a cardboard. Such a book is mostly a square ridge without a seal.

Different materials on the spine, ie the spine and the cover, are made of different materials. Usually, the fabric is used as the spine, and the paper is pasted on the cardboard plate. This form is generally a round ridge without a seal.

C (port): 2 ~ 3mm F (inclusive): 13 ~ 15mm
E (book slot width): 6 to 7 mm H (paper and land interface): 6 to 7 mm
K (Waist and paper width): 3 to 5mm G (neutron width): D+2E

Ridge same material:

A (width of fabric): h+2C+2F
B (length of cloth): 2S+D+2E+2C+2F
a (paperboard length): h+2C
b (cardboard width): S-E+C

Ridge surface material:

A (paper length): h+2C+2F
M (paper width): SK-E+C+F
A (cloth length): h+2C+2F
L (cloth waist width): D+2E+2K+2H
a (middle slit length): h+2C
D (paper width): Arc length

The spine arc length calculation method:

No ridge (only round, no ridge) D=(130°×π×book thickness/2)/180°
Ridged (rounded, ridged) D=[130°×π×(book thickness+2 cardboard thickness)/2]/180°
The materials and dimensions for the spine interior are as follows: gauze length: h-20
Gauze width: D+40
The length of the plug cloth is equal to the length of the ridge arc Length of the ribbon is equivalent to the length of the diagonal of the book block Size of the seal:
a (guard width): h+2C
Q (guard length): B-2F+2R

R is the protective mouth of the seal, generally more than 30mm, according to the size of the open, without wasting paper, easy to print, so that the mouth is more appropriate.

The above dimensions are all after cutting. Consider the cut when designing the cover and protecting the cover. That is, when designing the drawing, 3mm cuts are left, right, and left.

Example 1 20 format, the finished product size is 185 × 208, the text of 112 faces, front and rear ring lining 8 side, text and ring lining are printed with 80g/m2 offset paper. For the ridge hardcover, spine are used 120g/m2 coated paper, printed after the film, paste hard shell. Use 1.5mm thick cardboard. Should the designer design the cover in a large format?

The square ridge is loaded with two kinds of full cloths and full paper. The material size is the same and the thickness of the spine is 7mm.

A (paper width): h+36=208+36=244(mm)
B (paper length): 2S+D+2×1.5+48=2×185+7+3+48=428
a (board length): h+6=208+6=214 (mm)
b (cardboard width): S-4=185-4=181 (mm)

The cover designer can design in (244 + 6) × (428 + 6) 252 × 434 paper; in the design of the design should consider removing the package size to ensure the correct position of the pattern.

Example 2 16 format, finished product size is 185×260, 600 sides of the text, printed with 80g/m2 offset paper, and front and back are lined with 12 sheets of 120g/m2 offset paper, the back cover is made of the same material, and the ridge is hardcovered. Rising the spine, use a 2mm thick paperboard and check that the spine thickness is 34mm. Calculate the cover and seal size of this book.

A (width of fabric): h+36=260+36=296 (mm)
B (length of fabric): 2S+D+48=370+43+48=461 (mm)
a (board length): 260+6=266 (mm)
b (cardboard width): 185-4=181 (mm)
Cover width: h+2C=260+6=266(mm)
Cover length: 2S+2E+2C+D+2R=2S+18+D+2R=431+2R
R (Lekou): 30mm or more.

Cover designers can design envelopes in 272×(437+2R) paper.

Example 3 32 format, finished product size 130 × 185, text 636 surface, 52g/m2 embossed paper printing, front and back lining, title page inscription is 12, with 80g/m2 offset paper. The material used for the ridge surface is different, the cover is paper, cloth waist, with 2mm thick cardboard, round ridge. The spine thickness is 26mm. Calculate the cover design in a large format.

A (paper length): h+36=185+36=221 (mm)
M (paper width): S+8=130+8=138(mm)
A (cloth waist length): 221 (mm)
L (cloth waist width): [130°×π×(26+4)/2]/180°+36=70 (mm)
a (middle slit length): h+6=191 (mm)
D (neutral paper width): [130°×π×(26+4)/2]/180°=34 (mm)

Therefore: designers can design in 227×144 paper.

Through typical example analysis, the framing designers are required to grasp the types, specifications, performance and prices of the paper materials, the calculation method of the book cost price, the printing process technology and the operation process, etc.; only in this way, the framing design can be based on The book content nature and the reader level, combined with the material and technical conditions, under the principle of practical, beautiful and economical design, every link should try to avoid unnecessary economic losses.
Source: China Printing Market

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