Calcitonin gene-related peptide

English name: calcitonin generelated peptide; CGRP Definition: the thirty-seven peptide produced by the parathyroid gland. It acts as a vasodilator. Its gene and calcitonin gene form a complex complex with precise regulatory mechanisms that allow a gene to express two completely different polypeptides at the messenger ribonucleic acid level. Latest Products:bs-2495R CD30 Antibody | CD30bs-2496R CD43 Antibody | CD43bs-2497R CD48 Antibody | CD48bs-2507R CD44 Antibody | CD44 bs-2508R Integrin αX Antibody | CD11cbs-2514R Cell surface chemokine receptor 5 antibody | /CD195bs-2515R CD2 antibody|CD2bs-0274R C- peptide antibody|C Peptidebs-0062R Calcto-binding protein antibody|Calretininbs-0155R C-reactive protein antibody|CRPbsm-0391M C-reactive protein monoclonal antibody|CRP(C11F2)bs- 0035M Cyclic adenosine responsive element binding protein antibody|CREB-1bs-0246R Corticotropin releasing factor antibody|CRFbs-0382R Corticotropin releasing factor antibody|CRFbs-15210R Chromosome 5 open reading frame 54 antibody|C5orf54bs-2474R CD93 antibody | CD93bs-2476R eosinophil chemotactic protein CCL6 antibody | CCL6bs-15254R Chromosome 6 open reading frame 81 antibody | C6orf81bs-2475R macrophage inflammatory protein 1β antibody | CCL4bs-2643R NK cell inhibitory receptor 2DL4抗体 | CD158bs-2644R NK Cell Inhibitor Receptor 2DS4 Antibody | CD158ibs-2645R NK Cell Inhibitor 3DL1 Antibody | CD158ebs-15271R Chromosome 7 open reading frame 46 antibody | C7orf46bs-5948R PP2A Oncoprotein inhibitor antibody | CIP2Abs-2664R macrophage mannose receptor CD206 antibody | Mannose Receptorbs-2666R Lymphocyte-derived C-type lectin antibody | C-RELbs-15212R Chromosome 5 open reading frame 60 antibody | C5orf60bs-2782R CD44V5 Antibody | CD44v5bs-15133R Chromosome 22 open reading frame 23 antibody | C22orf23bs-2190R cytokeratin 19 antibody | Cytokeratin 19bs-15025R chromosome 1 open reading frame 147 antibody | C1orf147bs-2443R cholesterol 21-hydroxylase antibody | CYP21bs- 2141R teratoma-derived growth factor antibody (C-terminal)|CRIPTObs-15083R complement C1qL3 chain polypeptide antibody|C1QL3bs-5962R tumor/testis antigen 27 antibody (high mobility group protein)|CT27bs-15062R chromosome 1 open reading frame 228 antibody |C1orf228 bs-5914R Carbonic Anhydrase 3 Antibody | Carbonic Anhydrase 3bs-5912R Cyclophilin (Cyclophilin) ​​PPIA Antibody | CYPAbs-5913R Calreticulin Antibody | Calreticulinbs-6746R Tumor/Testis Antigen 65|Cancer testis antigen 65bs-9808R Chromosome 2 open reading frame 25 antibody|C2ORF25bs-9890R chaperone 9 antibody|CPNE9bs-15260R chromosome 7 open reading frame 25 antibody|C7orf25bs-6647R CO G1 protein antibody|COG1bs-2955R agonistic C3 receptor/complement C3 receptor antibody|C3a Receptor/C3aRbs-10498R CD3 antibody|CD3bs-12593R CP2 related transcriptional inhibitor 1 antibody|CRTR1bs-10490R voltage-dependent type N calcium channel α1B Antibody|CACNA1B (N type) bs-2538R nicotinic acetylcholine receptor A2 (neurotype) antibody|CHRNA2(neuronal)bs-2542R C-type lectin domain family 1 member A antibody|CLEC1/CLEC1Abs-2551R gamma interferon Inducible monocyte factor antibody|CXCL9/MIGbs-2548R platelet factor 4 antibody|CXCL4/PF4bs-2550R platelet chemokine 7 protein antibody|CXCL7/NAP-2/PPBPbs-2552R interferon-inducing T cell chemokine antibody|CXCL11bs -2553R B-lymphocyte chemoattractant antibody | CXCL13 / BCA1bs-7082R apocytokine domain protein 12 antibody | CARD12bs-7083R augmentation-enhanced domain protein 14 antibody|CARD14bs-7530R Creatine Kinase M-type antibody|Creatine Kinase MMbs -2526R NK Cell Receptor BY55 Antibody | CD160/By55bs-2529R CD229 Antibody | CD229bs-2541R Agglutinin Placenta Protein 1 Antibody | COLEC12bs-2499R Activation-Inducing Molecule CD69 Antibody | CD69bs-2518R CD74 Antibody | CD74/MHC IIbs-2519R CD83 Antibody | CD83bs-2520 R CD84 antibody | CD84/SLAMF5bs-2549R Epithelial neutrophil-activated peptide 78 antibody|CXCL5bs-2522R CD97 antibody|CD97bs-2523R CD99 antibody|CD99/E2 antigenbs-2524R CD151 antibody|CD151bs-2525R poliovirus receptor antibody |CD155/PVRbs-2554R chemokine CXCL15 antibody|CXCL15/Lungkinebs-2527R CD163 antibody|CD163/M130bs-2528R Carcinoembryonic antigen-associated cell adhesion molecule 1 antibody|CD66abs-2530R chemokine receptor 1 antibody|CMKLR1bs- 4770R Hematopoietic Stem Cell Antigen CD133 Antibody | CD133bs-7528R G-protein coupled receptor interacting protein 1 antibody (complement Clq TNF-related protein 1)|CTRP1bs-2534R cardiotrophin 1 antibody|CT-1/CTF1bs-2543R C-type lectin structure Domain Family 1 Member B Antibody | CLEC2/CLEC1B

PP Luggage

This is a fashion expandable luggage, which is not as durable as PC, but it does still have some of the same features. The box surface material is abs with PP plate, not easy to peel and break. The wheel is 360 degrees universal double wheels design for rolling smoothly and silently. The Tie rod still uses the solid aluminum alloy tie Rod. PP material is (similar to PC) both temperature and chemical resistant. It is offered in suitcases with a wide variety of options including expansion options and wheels.

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