Balcony layout also affects home Feng Shui to see its six major considerations

The balcony is just a place to dry clothes and put things in the house. It is often overlooked in home decoration. As everyone knows, the balcony is the closest to nature's sunshine, air and rain dew. It is the place where the house is the most gas-filled, and it has a very important influence on the feng shui of the whole house. How should the balcony be laid out to play a good role in home Feng Shui?


1, sit on the ground, the opposite side of the balcony should not have a street straight, this will give people a strong pressure and momentum, making people feel nervous, and the straight road is full of pedestrians and vehicles, noisy, disturbing the normality of the homeowner life.


2, the balcony should not face sharp corner buildings, otherwise committing "sharp corners" will give people a sense of insecurity and easily lead to mental illness.

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