Autumn invincible - novel moisturizing hydrating meter

Moisturizing is a top priority for autumn skin care. It seems that it is difficult to satisfy women's pursuit of beauty through the external water supplement. The new trend is to imitate the moisturizing concept and products brought by the animal body or the botanical garden to lock water and keep water. Believe it or not.

Autumn is invincible - new moisturizing hydrating meter

First imitation: eye tear film dynamic active moisturizing system

The eyes are the organs that need to be long-lasting and balanced and moist. It is guaranteed that there is not much water at all times. It is not enough. With such a glimpse, the eyes are watery. The beauty engineers are envious of this damn eye. The “Eye-like tear film dynamic active moisturizing system” technology, which was originally created by the Yalong Medical Skin Care Laboratory, uses a unique biomimetic technology to create a natural moisturizing ingredient that simulates the eyeball. It can be added to skin care products to form a continuous water supply. Provides moisturizing treatment for water-deficient sensitive skin.

Second imitation: hyaluronic acid microcapsule technology

Hyaluronic acid is already present in the human body, but changes in time and environment can cause it to be lost. This is very similar to the fact that farmers apply fertilizer to crops, and a large amount of active ingredients are lost from the soil, while crops do not absorb effective nutrients. After research, hyaluronic acid is compressed to a very small volume, safely wrapped in microcapsules, isolated from other active ingredients and aqueous solution, so that it can better retain its better activity, penetrate the skin more easily, and more stable Infiltrate directly into the bottom layer of the skin. With microcapsule technology, hyaluronic acid is released more slowly, releasing moisturizing energy for a long time without interruption, which greatly increases the moisture content of the skin.

The third imitation: skin penetration catheter technology

Beauty products linger on the surface of the skin, how to make the skin care effect reach and work to the "skin core" at the deepest part of the stratum corneum, forming a moist from the inside out, which is what beauty engineers are striving for. Therefore, in the development of moisturizing products, the skin penetration catheter technology is popular, which is to open the skin care by the role of "the most suitable pH adjustment technology required to penetrate deep into the skin" and "control the amino acid inducer of the stratum corneum environment". The ingredients enter the skin's high-speed road, allowing the ingredients to penetrate faster and more into the "skin core" that is difficult to reach, so that the entire stratum corneum (intracellular, intercellular) is filled with water.

Autumn is invincible - new moisturizing hydrating meter

Air-conditioned room beauty also yearns for the beauty of the big king S

Not scary mask

Putting a mask on the office, it sounds like a horror--a sudden appearance of a white face in the cubicle, with a tired, distracted look. In the face of dryness, there is no need for a “devil mask”, and many new quick hydrating masks that have recently been released can help you! This type of mask is characterized by a semi-transparent texture. It can be applied directly without washing with water. It can be wiped off with a cotton pad after application. It is very simple and easy, and it can quickly replenish water in as little as 5 minutes. It is easy to use in the office during the lunch break. However, it is a very bad habit to apply facial mask before using it.

Products that can be used after makeup

For the white-collar MM who is “9 to 5” in the air-conditioned room every day, a bottle of hydrating scent can be applied to the face at any time. It is a must-have for the desk. The products that can be used after makeup are generally biased to the texture, which can be supplemented. Moisture, resist dryness, and don't make up your makeup. It's a first aid product. If you just think it is red and dry, then it is enough to get a spray of spray. If the person who often needs to fly or the skin is very dry, prepare a moisturizer to be selected. As for some mature women. We recommend that you carry an eye cream that can be used after makeup. It is often applied to effectively reduce the fine lines around the eyes.

Moisturizing into the bag

In addition to the convenience of use, the other important requirements for girls are that they must be small enough to put in the bag and not add too much burden. In addition, it is best to be cute and take it. It is also the capital of the show. Therefore, major brands have also developed bar-like products like lipstick, such as Freeplus eye cream, and the latest Guerlain Hydrating Youth Mystery Stick, which can be used not only as a general skin care product, but also in any dryness you feel. The re-coating between the times, especially for the "flying trapeze" who often need to fly, this compact product is definitely a necessary "anti-dry weapon".

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