Assembly mechanism of packaging device

Patent Name Assembly Mechanism of Packaging Device Patent Applicant Renault Knitting Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address France Boulogne-Billancourt Inventor S. Fordmer Application (Patent) No. 200380106989.4 Date of Application 2003.12.19 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 1729128 Auditing Announcement Day 2006.02.01 Manual CD-ROM D0605-1 Main Classification Number B65D19/16(2006.01)I Classification Number B65D19/16(2006.01)I;B65D6/24(2006.01)I;B65D6/26(2006.01)I Division Original Application No. 2002.12.20 FR 02/16341 Abstract This invention relates to an assembly mechanism (20) for a packaging device (10) comprising a wall with at least one vertical side column (14) (14). And a lower cross member (18) supported on the bottom (24) of the packaging mechanism, the lateral cross member of the lower cross member being flanked by a lateral wing (26) extending vertically upward from the bottom of the mechanism and an inner partition of the assembly mechanism. (28) Guided, and the lower beam is longitudinally seated by a slit (22) realized in the crossbeam and opening downwards, and a spacer (30) extending vertically upwards from the bottom is located in this gap. The mechanism is characterized in that the flank includes a stop block (32) that projects laterally inwards and cooperates with an upper surface (18) of the beam to keep the beam vertically fixed.

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