Aseptic Filling Technology for PET Bottled UHT Milk

KRONES presents the new technology of PET bottled UHT milk to the eyes of the world. The emergence of this technology has not only enriched the packaging form of milk, but also broke the market pattern of “consisting in the world” with paper containers such as Tetra Pak and Combibloc.

The main principle of KRONES's new aseptic filling technology is that the PET bottles are sterilized on the inner and outer surfaces of the bottle wall before the milk is filled (ie, the “washing” process), and then in a sterile environment. The milk is filled and the bottle caps are closed, and finally the caps are sterilized in a sterile environment. This new form of milk packaging has been used by foreign dairy companies and has performed satisfactorily in the actual production and sales process.

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EVA foam insert
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Description of Eva Foam Insert


EVA foam insert

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EVA Foam Insert

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