Application of inkjet printing technology (1)

Inkjet printing technology originated in the late 19th century. It rose in the 1990s. Its equipment has the characteristics of low cost and good environmental protection. It has become one of the most abundant and extensive technical means in the field of digital printing. It mainly includes: small inkjet printers, large format inkjet printers, inkjet printing equipment, digital printing equipment, etc. As a product of digitalization and computer technology, inkjet printing covers some of the printing markets that cannot be covered by traditional printing and gradually expands to many fields. The market prospect is very broad.

First, the basic principle of inkjet printing
Inkjet printing is a non-contact, pressureless, and non-printing printing method. It is composed of a system controller, an inkjet controller, a nozzle, a substrate drive mechanism, and the like. The ink is controlled by an inkjet controller, The nozzle is printed on the substrate. Color inkjet printers usually have two modes, high temperature and high pressure printing and normal temperature and pressure printing. The former is represented by Canon's bubble technology and HP's thermal technology, which is represented by Epson's ultra-micro piezoelectric printing technology. Thermal foaming relies on the heat of a small resistor to evaporate the surrounding ink and generate bubbles. The expansion of the bubbles compresses the ink and ejects it from the nozzle to the substrate. After the ejection, the bubbles disappear, and the new ink is sucked from the ink tank to create continuous Bubble work. The micro-piezoelectric inkjet technology will put the piezoelectric chip on top of the inkjet nozzle, add a little current to the chip, generate vibration, and eject the ink by vibration.

Second, the status of China's inkjet printing technology
The ink jet printing industry in China is not far from the starting point for foreign countries, but there is still a small gap between R&D, production, sales, and applications compared with developed countries such as the United States and Japan. In terms of regional distribution, it mainly concentrates on economically developed Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing. At present, the application of domestic inkjet printing is in a polarization situation. At one end is a low-end market. Most of the equipment used is a non-production inkjet printer, and most of the printing jobs are short-lived black-and-white activities, with a small amount of color live. At the other end is the high-end market. Most of the inkjet printing equipment used by practitioners is a production-type digital ink-jet printer. In addition, not only are ultra-short-color prints, but also a lot of personalized, variable-data-printed color prints. . Customers of these digital printing companies pay more attention to quality and service, and have high requirements for color and print quality.

Third, the advantages and characteristics of inkjet printing

· Inkjet printing is all digital printing, completely out of the cumbersome process of traditional printing process, the requirements of color overprinting and trapping are not high, do not need to consider the accuracy of registration, short job preparation time, fast response to the market, production cycle Short, it can complete the production of digital proofs and short-run jobs with high efficiency and cost efficiency.

· Implement variable data printing and custom printing. Image information can be changed at any time to meet the user's short-run printing jobs and personalized printing needs, such as: personal albums, product descriptions, materials, test products, packaging samples.

· One print, reduced waste, more flexible print services, and usually has an advantage over 1,000 prints.

Digital features make it easier to introduce digital integration technologies such as digital asset management, automated workflows, and color management.

· Remote printing can be realized, and remote printing services can be provided via Internet transmission, which is especially suitable for quick printing of chain operations across regions.

Most inkjet printing technologies are non-contact printing and can be replicated on a variety of substrates, such as variable-pitch printing on a variety of commercial production lines.

· Digital web inkjet printing equipment can not be limited by the paper length, can achieve large-format, panoramic works of copy.

(to be continued)

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