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Digital proofing: The inevitable choice under the trend of CTP

Case 3: Guangzhou Hengyuan Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Hengyuan Color Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengyuan Color Printing) is a high-end color printing company of paper products. The company was established in 1993 and has invested 85 million yuan so far. It has more than 15,000 square meters of production plants. The company introduced advanced CTP system and offset printing equipment, mainly printing hardcover books, posters, pictures, packaging boxes, hanging flags, calendars, desk calendars and other high-grade paper products. At the same time, it also cooperated with a number of publishing houses and printed a variety of books and tools. The book has been affirmed by the new and old customers in the market. Now we have implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system and become the backbone of the printing industry in Guangzhou.

Hengyuan's existing inkjet printing equipment includes Epson Stylus Pro 10600 and Epson Stylus Pro 9600, all of which are used for digital proofing. According to Mr. Huang Weiqiao of Hengyuan Color Printing, the current digital proofs can already be used as the same sheet. The customer signed the digital proofing to determine the color, graphics, content, etc. Digital proofing as a basis for comparison with traditional printing.

Hengyuan Color Printing recommends that customers take electronic documents and use CTP to output them without traditional film. At present, Hengyuan color printing customers are divided into three categories in the proofing business. One is to confirm the proofs of digital proofing to customers. This part of the digital proofing accounted for one-third of the total printing volume, and this ratio has been rising. The second is that after the digital proofing, the customer can not be recognized, and the proofs will be output by the traditional proofing technology to the customer. This is a very small number. Mr. Huang Weiqiao introduced that inks for ink jet printing and printing inks are different, so the color gamut cannot be completely matched, and a small part of colors cannot meet the requirements of customers. Some customers do not understand digital proofing. They think that digital proofing is the same as inkjet, or that digital is the same as laser digital printing. They are afraid of the difference in color, so they cannot accept digital proofing and choose to go out of the film for traditional proofing. For example, some clothing design companies are more demanding in terms of color, and some colors of digital products cannot meet their requirements, and they do not want to explain the reasons to their customers, they will choose traditional proofing. Thirdly, after the customer conducts digital proofing on the company’s own, it takes out the film or confirms itself with a digital sample, and then uses the CTP plate making. Mr. Huang Weiqiao stated that this may be a trend for future development. The sample volume is relatively large and the color requirements are high. Customers will slowly develop their own professionals.

Speaking of the development trend of digital proofing, Mr. Huang Weiqiao is still relatively optimistic. Because digital proofing has its unique advantages and certain stability, and with the popularization and application of CTP, large-scale printing companies will be proofed digitally, which is also the trend of technology and market development.
Carton preprinted production equipment and printing process introduction
June 2, 2006 8:53pm Source: HC360 Printing Industry Channel

The preprinted production equipment is a large-scale reel gravure printing machine. Carton preprinted paper gravure printing machine has the following features:

1. High printing speed and high overlay accuracy

Paper pre-print gravure printing speed of up to 150 meters / minute, overprint accuracy of less than 0.2 mm.

2, printing format large

The paper pre-print gravure printing machine can be printed from 1000 × 600 to 1700 × 1700 mm.

3, printing, oiling once completed

Paper pre-print gravure printing machine can achieve 4-12 color ink printing and varnish once completed. In order to reduce the cost of plate making, the oiling unit is driven by a separate motor and it is not necessary to replace the oiled plate roller when changing the printing plate roller.

4, can use environmentally friendly ink printing

The paper pre-print gravure printing machine is equipped with a double oven hot air drying system, which can fully dry and cure the ink, ensuring that the printed surface does not fade when the corrugated paper production line is rubbed against the hot plate. The automatic ink circulation system and the ink stick make the color of the batch print uniform and colorless.

5, high-speed automatic non-stop refueling

The paper pre-print gravure printing machine can realize the automatic rewinding of the material roll at a high speed without stopping the machine, which can greatly increase the yield and save the auxiliary working time.

6, automated control

Paper gravure printing machine adopts 8-motor vector frequency full closed loop tension control system, computer automatic color registration system, computer static image observation system, computer ink automatic circulation viscosity control system, computer automatic refueling control system, human-machine dialogue system and steam force. Hot temperature automatic control system. At the same time, the use of pneumatic shaftless plate, pneumatic scraper, pneumatic imprint, pneumatic shaftless material, two-cycle hot air drying, paper preheating, water cooling and other structures, so that the operation of the machine is very simple.

The preprinting production auxiliary equipment is a computer crosscutting and longitudinal of a tile paper production line.

In most of the previous corrugated paper production lines, the cross-cutting of the computer was only a fixed-length cross-cut, and the pre-printed production was to print a good pattern first, so it had to be added to the cross-cutting knife. The labeling cross-cutting control is installed, and its main control mechanism is to identify the cross-cut mark on the printed pattern of the corrugated cardboard by the photoelectric eye, and the time when the cut-off mark reaches the photoelectric eye is transmitted to the control computer, and the cross-cutting knife is controlled by the control computer. The moment of cutting, in order to achieve accurate cut off the corrugated cardboard at the border of the pattern. This point, the current domestic and foreign cross cutting machine manufacturers can easily add this feature. Cross-cutting accuracy can be controlled within 1mm.

The same principle applies to computer slitting and computer crosscutting.

In order to prevent the printing surface from rubbing the printed surface on the hot plate of the corrugated paper production line, some simple processing of the hot pole is required.

Preprinted gravure printing ink is water-based paper gravure ink, about 30 yuan a kilogram, the cost of ink is similar to offset printing, the ink meets national environmental protection requirements.

The preprinted plates are made of steel plated aluminum electrogravure, except that the paper gravure plate is deeper than the general plastic gravure plate when carving. The plate making cost is: advanced level edition 0.7 yuan/cm2, ordinary level edition and line version 0.35 yuan/cm2.

The preprinting method for producing cartons is still in the ascendant in China. With the joint efforts of machinery manufacturers, ink, paper, plate suppliers, and the vast majority of carton manufacturers, we have brought a new option to China's high-end carton production, which will increase the packaging grade of our country to one. New level.

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