An Analysis of the Creative Writing in Modern Signs (II)

The logo is simple and easy to understand and rich in meaning

The creative use of the logo of the alphabet, with an emphasis on the individuality and arrangement of the fonts, is to break through the conventions of formality, and to exaggerate and exaggerate the characters according to their respective character traits, to reproduce them with unique graphic symbols, and to enhance their associative features. It will bring people a rich aesthetic experience. As a universal language symbol, digital Arabic numerals can surpass the barriers of ethnic languages ​​and play an increasingly important role in today’s international arena. The application of digital signage is mainly based on Arabic numerals, especially the 10 digits of 0-9. It is concise and easy to change. It is applied to the logo design in the form of changes. It has strong expressive force, unique style, and endless changes in shape. . The operation is often based on the shape of art characters, supplemented by graphical association and play, to achieve a good visual effect. Digital signs are used in a large number of topics, such as anniversary celebrations and various commemorative events, in order to increase people's importance for the memory of signs.

The typical examples of this are: the logo of the Ninth National Art Exhibition, with the four “9” characters as creative main lines, the conceptual orientation of which was the ninth in 1999, and the four “9”s also implying the People’s Republic of China’s birthday in 1949. The four "9"s form a blooming flower bud, symbolizing the feast of "beauty." Calligraphy uses pens to express the characteristics of "art" and the subject is obvious. In the 70th anniversary of the event, the Chinese character “Zhu” was used as a design theme, and “Tu” and “Day” were combined. The elements of the number “70” were added. With a slight change, the theme became clear at a glance, and the effect was outstanding. The comprehensive logo design is based on form, meaning, shape, and style. Comprehensive refers to a combination of text and graphics. There is a combination of Chinese characters and graphics. There are also letters or numbers. It is necessary to select appropriate combinations in due course. A combination of similar texts and patterns will make it easier to enter the realm and help you achieve your goals. This kind of comprehensive application is the coexistence of the word and the figure, and both the image must be discriminating. It is the highest state of the logo design between the similarity and dissimilarity, and it is also just the place of interest.

The success stories in this area are numerous: the Hong Kong-renowned designer Ren Qiang's Renbai Charity Fund logo uses the word “Ren Bai” as the starting point. This is a memorial fund from Cantonese opera masters Ren Jianhui and Bai Xuexian. The words "ren" and "white" have graphic meanings. Another fan for acting shows two layers of Chinese characters: The first is a fan as a prop that can be used to symbolize opera; the second is the homonym between “fan” and “good heart”, and the two overlapping represent the common wish of both the white and the white. . The logo perfectly expresses the main idea with the perfect combination of words and figures. Professor Gaozhong Yu’s Beiqi’s Goddess Tea logo uses the Chinese character “North” as the main design element, and transforms it with Western image materials, so that “North” characters grow angel wings to form a unified image of the word and figure. natural.

The Application of Chinese Traditional Calligraphy Chinese Calligraphy is the most glorious crown in Chinese traditional graphic arts. It is the Chinese national quintessence. Its composition is just a few simple black ink lines. However, it is indeed a modelling of shapes, an abstraction of abstraction, and the convergence of movements and statics. , the cohesion of time and space, the performance of the self to the deepest." (Li Yuzu). Calligraphy art is inspired by observing the attitude of all things in the natural world, relying on a simple line architecture, ingeniously formed, after thousands of years of development, the interpretation of the ever-changing visual art image, formed a different personality and style. Such as the official dignified quaint, beautiful and neat books; writing lively and joyful, cursive flow. In a sense, the evolutionary history of Chinese characters is the history of Chinese people using linear design art.

Today, this linear design has become the world's largest and has become a means of artistic creation that many artists and designers often draw upon. Mr. Qiang Qiang is one of the great achievements. Many of his signature works have infiltrated the Chinese calligraphy art and even used calligraphy directly in the design. For example, “Regent Restaurant” uses three hexagonal “Japanese” characters to form a “crystal” shape, which represents the dishes on which dishes are served. The deliciousness of the dishes is expressed in three ink colors. A cross of the word "Japanese" reveals the operating characteristics of the hotel's Chinese taste. "A Pinnacle Gallery" is also written with a brush and the "One" character stands for Oriental Art. It is combined with the English initial "A" to show the artistic style of the gallery combining Chinese and Western art. There is also the well-known jelly of “Hezhilang”. The logo uses the cursive style, trend and size arrangement to express a joyful and joyful atmosphere as a whole. The logo of China International Airlines and the Chinese Olympic bid emblem all reflect the spiritual source of Chinese calligraphy. Fu Baoshi once said: “The most basic source of Chinese art is calligraphy. If there is no considerable understanding and understanding of calligraphy, then all art in China can be said to have become a marriage.” This is exactly how Chinese calligraphy has been used since ancient times. Inspires and enriches Chinese art and design, and at the same time embodies Lao Zhuang’s idea of ​​“weak wins and soft wins” and becomes a magic weapon for artists and designers.

Infiltration of Chinese National Art

The long history of Chinese culture has left us with countless precious cultural heritages, including colored pottery ornamentation, lacquer ware, sculptures, and folk paintings. It contains profound historical and cultural connotations; the dragon and phoenix pattern, Ruyi pattern and Heyi rabbit have distinctive ethnic characteristics. And the regional characteristics reflect the national aesthetic consciousness. The world-renowned Beijing 2008 Olympics logo, the overall structure is taken from the traditional auspicious pattern "plate length", which not only embodies Beijing's "Beijing" character, but also is a dancing person. It also contains images of Chinese knots and five rings. It embodies the sports and Olympic spirits, making the sign not only possess strong modern aesthetic features, but also has strong traditional Chinese culture. The two movements and images of "Chinese knot" and "athlete" were properly transmitted and used to express the theme of the logo and convey the wishes of the people.

In addition, China Post’s logo is also well represented by the use of traditional graphics. Its basic element is the Chinese “Chinese” character, and on this basis, based on the ancient Chinese saying “Hong Yan Chuan Shu”, it will be The momentum of the flight is integrated into the shape of the logo. Horizontal and straight parallel lines, shape and potential combine with each other to express the corporate purpose of serving thousands of households, as well as corporate image that is fast, accurate, safe, and omnipresent. China's extremely rich tradition of graphic resources in its development and evolution, in a diverse and unified style, shows a unique and attractive national tradition and national spirit. It is an inexhaustible treasure house of designers.

In addition, there are romantic and graceful floral fonts, flowing smart; variants style specific, visual impact and so on. With the development of business, the text is developing a new style. The appearance of modern printing fonts in recent years has provided a broad space for font design. The new logo style has evolved from a concise style of modernism to the pursuit of a “post-modernist” style of “natural, random, and complicated”, and has also made the writing more creative. Go to a colorful world. The text comes from life. Its creative space is extremely broad. Its specific application in the logo is not only a manifestation of the visual form, but also a spiritual connotation with deep meanings. It shows the colorfulness of this era. Spiritual appearance. In this sense, words are a carrier of culture and carry the great mission that the subject of the logo has given it.

Henan University Art Institute Xi Xingli

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