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Cooking outdoors is sure to be a fun thing in outdoor life for many donkeys. It is easy and practical to carry outdoor bedding on the go. It not only enables you to enjoy food in nature, but also to enjoy cooking. pleasure. ALOCS ALOCS customer picnic pot 10 sets, while ensuring light weight, but also enhance its practicality in the outdoors, up to 10 pieces of kitchenware for 2-4 people use, ALOCS picnic pot the market price It is RMB 489 yuan.

ALOCS picnic pot

ALOCS picnic pot basic information

ALOCS Picnic Cookware Ten-piece Set includes 1.7L pan, 1.4L pan, 7 inch fry pan, universal lid, hand holder, bracket, windshield, base, alcohol stove and handgrip pocket. All parts are made of hard aluminum oxide, Copper and stainless steel materials have greatly reduced the weight of the cooking utensils. Its weight is only 985 grams, which is more convenient for outdoor travel.

ALOCS picnic pot 10 sets

Base - The base can be used with different fire sources such as alcohol stoves, gas stoves and oil stoves to make operation easier and more convenient, thus making outdoor cooking more efficient. The built-in windshield system ensures normal use under harsh outdoor conditions. The open design on the windshield also helps to adjust the size of the firepower at any time.

Base display

Pan-fried dish is made of ultra-light aluminum material. The surface is treated with high-quality anodizing, which effectively enhances its scratch resistance and corrosion resistance. Imported high-quality non-stick material is used to prevent sticking. The phenomenon occurs. The thread bottom technology used at the bottom of the frying pan enhances its heating efficiency, and it also plays a better anti-slip effect.

The actual use of fried dishes

Pots and pan clips - The size of the camping pans is designed to allow them to be placed on top of each other, making the overall volume smaller, reducing the space occupied and making it easier to carry around. The ALOCS uses a silicone protection design for the user's head, which can effectively prevent scratches on the surface of the cookware, making it lighter and more durable. It also increases grip stability.

Practical use of camping pot

ALOCS picnic pot 10 sets can meet a variety of outdoor cooking needs, so that you enjoy the outdoors when you enjoy the scenery, you can enjoy outdoor cooking and enjoy the food. Choosing good outdoor cooking utensils will add more joy and beauty to your outdoor life.

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