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Whether you are on a short day trip or a multi-day trip, backpacks are an essential piece of equipment. A suitable backpack can make your journey easy. Here's a backpack with a backpack capacity of 30 liters, not much capacity, suitable for short-distance travel equipment 1-2 days, Jack Wolfskin wolf claw backpack quality is good. Now the official website is being discounted, this backpack is now folded at 5.5 percent, 604 yuan.

Jack Wolfskin Neutral Black Backpack

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Perfectly suited for smaller spaces like studio apartments and kids' bedrooms, our Computer Table can quite easily be tucked into a corner. Crafted from laminated manufactured wood and particle board, is triangular frame size and is finished with a neutral walnut tone. Though small in size, this piece offers some storage space with an open lower shelf spanning the base. Manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for this product. Assembly is required.

Our office tables are designed to give you plenty of leg room but also doesn't take up too much space in your home.

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